In order to get pre-approval from the department of labour we require the following documents.

All of the following documents need to be attested from the Chamber of Commerce and Nepal Embassy of the employer’s country.

  1. Demand Letter:
    Details regarding the categories and the number of workers required need to be mentioned. The letter needs to be in the company’s official letter head, with seal and signature.
  2. Power of Attorney/ Authorization Letter:
    Authorizing the Agent in Nepal to act on the employer’s behalf.
  3. Service Agreement:
    Briefing the terms and conditions applicable to both the parties.
  4. Contract Paper
    Job Offer Agreement for the candidate provided by the company showing salary and other benefits including food, accommodation, transportation, leave facilities, medical facilities, insurance and air passage etc.
  5. Guarantee Letter
    This letter provides guarantee to the Ministry of Labour, Nepal, stating that the stated workers will be working as per the attested documents provided.

    * These documents have a standard Government format. Therefore, please write to us and we’ll send you their sample copies.